Precision Textiles is pleased to introduce COPTIVA, a technology for producing copper infused fabrics, formulated with a unique blend of copper crystals & magnetic alloys designed for sleep optimization & health. Copper ions are woven directly into our fabrics, along with our Celsius body-thermoregulating cooling fibers, creating an instant refreshingly cool effect. This clever combination of optimized bedding technologies produces a comfortable sleep environment for the consumer, promoting body thermoregulation, healing, skin refinement & overall improved health.


Our COPTIVA Ion Infusion Technology is available in a wide variety of customized fabric, weight & ticking design options of your choice, from mattress production fabrics to retail top-of-bed products. Your product is a blank canvas waiting to be designed to suit your production & design needs.


Get ahead of the curve with the latest “ancient medicine meets modern science” trend in the bedding industry, and offer your customers a finished product that is aesthetically appealing & functional, with exclusively sought-after features & health benefits. This ionic therapy works on a cellular, internal & topical level over time* Research has found that copper has been proven in certain instances to produce optimum skin, circulatory & cellular health, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, reduce inflammation & improve your overall health.*

*A wide range of nutrition surveys have indicated that approximately 25% of the population silently suffers from copper deficiency. These studies also suggest that long-term acquired copper deficiency is under-diagnosed & quite common. Research has indicated that copper helps prevent inflammation in arthritis & similar autoimmune conditions such as Restless Leg Syndrome, Other conditions previously linked to copper deficiency include osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer & chronic conditions involving bone, connective tissue, heart & blood vessels. Source: “Copper in Health” Wikipedia –

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